5 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life Who Seems To Have Everything

26 May 2015
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It can be time consuming and intimidating to come up with a gift for the man in your life who already seems to have everything he wants and needs. More than likely, your loved one doesn't need another tie or briefcase organizer. A gift certificate ensures that he'll get something he can appreciate, but why not get creative and come up with a gift that isn't so impersonal? Here are five gift ideas that are perfect for any man who seems to have it all:

Interesting Coins

Coin collecting might seem like a boring hobby, but it can be a rewarding experience and it comes with a host of benefits such as an enhanced appreciation of art, an expanded knowledge of history, and strengthened organizational skills. Coin collecting can yield your loved one a nice financial return in the future too. Get your man started with:

  • A set of 50-state commemorative quarter dollar coins.
  • Indian head cents.
  • Eisenhower dollars.
  • Double eagle gold coins.

If you have a big enough budget, consider including something really special with his new start collection such as rare Roman gold pieces or coins with double dates. You can go to websites like this one to find coin dealers online.

An Animal Adoption

If the man in your life can't benefit from something monetary, you can always adopt an animal in need on his behalf. From wild animals like elephants and tigers that are going extinct in several parts of the world, to domestic cats and dogs that have been abandoned or abused in some way, there is always an animal that needs some support from a human that cares.

This is the kind of gift that can help to make your man feel good about himself long after he's received your thoughtful gift. You may even be able to get the organization you adopt an animal through to send updates and photos of the progress the animal makes thanks to the adoption.

A Fantasy Sports Membership

Whether your loved one is into football, baseball, basketball, or racing of some kind, there is undoubtedly a fantasy sports program out there to accommodate his favorite sport. Most paid fantasy sports memberships come with insider tips and tricks, unlimited customer support, and the opportunity to connect with others who are interested in the same sports teams. A fantasy sports membership offers your loved one a great opportunity to get his sports fill even with limited free time.

Some Date Night Coupons

If you and your man are like most couples, date night tends to involve doing something you both enjoy. This probably means that there are some things, like going to a sports game or attending a boxing match, that aren't on the date night docket the majority of the time – if at all. So consider treating your loved one to a booklet of date night coupons that feature some of his favorite attractions and events that you don't usually attend together. This is a great way to mix things up a little, and maybe even give you a little more insight into his life philosophies and passions.

A Guys' Golf Weekend Getaway

The gift of golf keeps on giving long after the actual game play with reduced stress levels, better sleep, and even improved muscle tone. A great way to provide your loved one with some relaxation, fun, and socialization is to put together a surprise golf weekend getaway for your man and one or two of his closest buddies.

Choose a golf course in a nearby city that he hasn't visited, and book a room for the weekend nearby. Schedule a golf lesson for each morning he'll be there, and obtain some gift certificates to the golf club's lounge that he can use with his buddies after a long day of golf. Chances are that he'll head back home relaxed and ready to spend some quality time with you!

While just one of these gifts is sure to put a smile on your loved one's face, putting together a package of two or more of the options will certainly make his special day.