Fun Alternate Ways To Wear Your Engagement Ring

6 April 2017
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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting milestones in one's life, and the engagement ring is often a woman's most prized possession. You may absolutely adore your engagement ring, but not everybody is cut out to wear rings. They irritate and bother some women, while others may even be allergic to the metal in them. If you don't want to wear your engagement ring on your left hand's ring finger, that's perfectly fine. Read More 

3 Ways To Teach Your Child About Native American History

13 September 2016
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If your ancestors were Native American, you might want to start teaching your child about their culture. There were several different tribes spread throughout the country, including Apache, Cherokee, and Hopi. Despite some of their differences, they were all using nature's resources to survive. They were known to hunt animals for food while using their fur to create various pieces of clothing and other important necessities, such as blankets. There are so many things to learn about these people. Read More 

How To Make Your Own Green Cracked-Marble Bracelet

29 July 2015
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You may wear trendy fashion jewelry with stones of a color to match your clothing. You may also choose to wear jewelry with colored stones based on the color's meaning and how it makes you feel. The color green has always been associated with the environment and nature and can help you relax as it is a refreshing and calming color. People in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Read More 

How Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry Can Score You Some Cash When You Need It

9 July 2015
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Gold has a low melting point which makes it easy to turn into coins, ingots, and bars for use as currency, and it doesn't tarnish or wear down like silver which makes it one of the most valuable types of natural elements found on earth. Gold just so happens to be a popular material used for jewelry creation, so chances are that the jewelry you never wear is worth some cash. Read More 

4 Tips For Getting The Most Money From A Pawnshop

25 June 2015
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If you're in need of funds, a pawnshop might be your best bet for getting a cash loan. The rates and repayment schedules are often more agreeable and flexible than what you'll find at a payday loan service, and you won't be stuck paying interest for months or risking your credit score the way that you would by taking a cash advance on a credit card. All that you need is an item of some value that you're willing to give up for a short while, and the know-how to get the best price for your item from a pawn shop. Read More