3 Family Coat Of Arms Jewelry Types

22 December 2022
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If you're particularly proud of your family's heritage, there are a few different ways that you can celebrate it. One option is to buy a piece of jewelry that features your family's coat of arms. This ornate design is available on several types of jewelry, so you'll have no trouble finding a piece that suits your sense of style. Whether you wear this jewelry only on special occasions such as family weddings and get-togethers, or you choose to wear it daily, it can be a piece of jewelry that is special to you. Here are some different types of family coat of arms jewelry that you'll find when you shop.

Necklace Pendant

You'll see a lot of necklace pendants that feature different coats of arms. The pendants vary in size but tend to be on the smaller side to offer a subtle look. The small size is ideal if you plan to wear this pendant daily and don't want anything that is too heavy or bulky. These pendants can be different shapes, but they're often circular or oval — although you'll occasionally see some in squares and rectangles. They're available in different metals, including gold and silver, allowing you to choose your preferred look.


Another popular type of coat of arms jewelry is a ring. This type of ring is often designed like a classic signet ring. It has a simple shape with a flat face on which the coat of arms is engraved. The face can be round, oval, or square. While people wear these rings on different fingers, it's common to wear this type of ring — much like a signet ring — on your little finger. Many of these rings have a plain design, but others have carved elements on the sides of the ring to give the piece of jewelry more style.


Although pendants and rings are arguably the most common types of jewelry that feature a family coat of arms, you'll also see bracelets on the market. These bracelets vary in design, but it's common to see standard-looking chain bracelets with a small charm that has the coat of arms engraved on them. Unlike a conventional charm bracelet, there are not several charms around the bracelet's length. Instead, the one charm with the coat of arms is the only thing that hangs off the bracelet, which will make it the focal point.

You can look for these options as well as other styles of jewelry at a fine jewelry store.