Fun Alternate Ways To Wear Your Engagement Ring

6 April 2017
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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting milestones in one's life, and the engagement ring is often a woman's most prized possession. You may absolutely adore your engagement ring, but not everybody is cut out to wear rings. They irritate and bother some women, while others may even be allergic to the metal in them. If you don't want to wear your engagement ring on your left hand's ring finger, that's perfectly fine. Try out one of these fun, alternate ways to wear your engagement ring.

Make It the Centerpiece of a Necklace

Yes, you can tell the world that you are engaged without placing that engagement ring on your ring finger of your left hand. Placing the ring as the centerpiece of a necklace can be an even more fun way to show off an engagement ring. You can choose a long chain to show the engagement ring across your heart or go for a short necklace where people can see it just off your neck. An engagement necklace can showcase a ring in all its beauty.

Preserve It in a Decorative Pin

Wearing your engagement ring within a decorative pin is sure to attract even more attention than wearing it on your finger. Wearable pins tend to draw the eyes of others anyway, but having a beautiful engagement ring displayed in this way is sure to make people do plenty of double takes. This can be risky if you are going to be spending a great deal of time outdoors or among crowds. After all, it can be easy for some pins to fall off. Exercise caution when wearing your engagement ring within a decorative pin.

Carry the Ring While Wearing a Tattoo

If you can't wear your engagement ring, it's still important to get one so that you can have it to treasure for all time. You can even keep it as a valuable piece of jewelry and a memento of the deep love that led to your engagement. However, if you can't wear it, don't worry. You can still announce to the world that you are engaged. You may opt to get a tattoo that matches your physical engagement ring.

Finally, keep in mind that wearing your engagement ring on your left hand's ring finger isn't necessary. Shake things up and celebrate your engagement in a way that works best for you. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of how you wear your engagement ring as long as you are happy about it. As you prepare for a wedding, your engagement ring can be a continual source of joy and inspiration. Enjoy the moments and the ring! For help finding a ring. contact a jeweler like The Richter & Phillips Company.