Can't Decide On A Baby Gift? 4 Ideas That Go Beyond The Basic

17 November 2017
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If you know someone who's about to have a new baby enter their life, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift. This is a special moment. Don't just settle for the typical gift – bag of diapers, baby wipes, and some baby lotion. Instead, let the new parents know that you took some time in choosing a meaningful gift for their new addition. Here are four special baby gifts that will show you truly care.

Engraved Baby Jewelry

When you think of baby jewelry, you probably think of those tiny rings and bracelets that babies can only wear for a few weeks. If you're going to buy engraved jewelry for the new baby, go ahead and purchase those delicate little first gifts, but also include a piece of jewelry that will grow with them. Consider a pair of diamond earrings that the baby will be able to wear for years to come or an engraved pendant that can be transferred to a larger chain once the baby grows up. You can find custom engraving services from local shops, such as Abby Dawn Creations.

Personalized Baby Book

Reading to babies is a great way to enhance language recognition and encourage close parent/child bonding. However, you don't want to go out and buy the first baby books you see. You want the books you choose to say something special. That's where personalized baby books come in. You can order baby books that incorporate the name of the new baby right into the story. When you choose a personalized baby book, you know that special little one will grow up hearing stories about themselves.

Diaper Service

If you've decided to go with diapers, don't just settle for one or two packs. Give the gift of diapers that keeps on giving. Sign the new parents up for a diaper service that will deliver fresh diapers every week – cloth or disposable. You can also sign up to have all the other supplies delivered, too, including hypoallergenic wipes, baby wash, and lotion. You can sign up for a couple of months worth of the service or provide them with a full year of diapers.

Junior Savings Account

Raising a baby isn't cheap. New parents are going to need all the help they can get, especially when it comes time to send their child off to college. One way to help out with that is to open a junior savings account for the baby. Once you make the initial deposit, you'll be able to add to it on every milestone, including birthdays, holidays, and graduations.