3 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Tween Daughter Is Sure To Love

28 August 2018
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Valentine's day isn't just a holiday for lovers. The day offers an opportunity to tell everyone who is special in our life how much we love them. This year, consider gifting your tween daughter with one or more of the following Valentine's day gift ideas.

A Bouquet of Various Flowers

Celebrate the holiday of love by surprising your tween with a bouquet of various types of flowers. The flowers will help brighten her day and make her feel special, but they can also be used for an art project once they die. So, consider pairing the bouquet with a new photo album so your daughter can clip the flowers and press them in the album to create their own floral book.

Alternatively, you can gift your daughter with a small and inexpensive laminator so they can laminate the flowers and turn them into wall art. Or give her some material that features flowers in her bouquet so she can create a pillowcase that will remind her of the flowers for many years to come.

A Formal Dinner Date

Make your tween daughter feel like a grown up for the night by surprising her with a formal Valentine's day dinner for just the two of you. You'll have a chance to spend some quality time together and you will treat your tween to a night she hasn't likely experienced before.

Ask her to dress up in her favorite outfit for a surprise night out, and make reservations at a fancy restaurant in town that she has never been to. Make sure to spring for dessert, even if you have to take dessert home to share with the rest of the family. And don't forget to take plenty of pictures so you and your daughter can remember the night for many years to come.

A Glass Necklace

Giving your daughter a glass bead necklace for Valentine's day is the perfect way to say "I love you" while giving her a little responsibility at the same time. The glass necklace will look and feel like a piece of fine jewelry, like ones that features pearls or diamonds, and give your tween an opportunity to practice taking care of fine jewelry so they're ready to take on expensive pieces as they get older.

Choose a pink and white glass bead necklace to commemorate the holiday and complement her feminine side. A pair of glass bead earrings would be a perfect addition and give her the accessories she needs to dress up any outfit in her closet.

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