5 Reasons Diamonds Are Still Beautiful, Relevant Gifts

4 March 2019
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Unlike years ago when almost every woman wore a diamond as her engagement ring, people are now branching out. You'll see engagement rings made with rubies, aquamarines, and even sapphires. However, this does not mean that diamonds are irrelevant -- quite the opposite is true! Whether set in an engagement ring or given for some other occasion like an anniversary or birthday, here are five reasons why diamonds still make an excellent gift:

1. A diamond is classic.

You don't always know someone's taste. A ruby may not appeal to them, or they might find the blue of an aquamarine too immature. Diamonds are a classic option, and almost everyone loves them. You don't have to worry about your gift recipient opening the jewelry and pretending to love its color.

2. Diamonds match everything.

The clear color of a standard diamond means your gift recipient can, and likely will, wear it with everything! Their diamond pieces will become their go-to options that they wear to interviews, on date nights, or even with casual attire since they know the jewelry will look good and they don't have to worry about someone thinking it clashes.

3. Diamonds hold their value.

Other gem stones tend to come and go in terms of trendiness. One year, for instance, sapphires may be really popular and therefore worth a lot. Another year, they will have fallen out of vogue and their value will plummet. Diamonds, on the other hand, have a long track record of value and will not lose that value overnight. If your recipient does ever choose to sell the jewelry, they will be able to get its true value on the market.

4. Diamonds can be passed down through generations.

Imagine your loved one passing on their jewelry to a grandchild a few decades down the road. If you were to give them a large, gaudy gem piece, that same jewelry might not appeal to the next generation. Diamonds, thanks to their versatility, are perfect for passing down over the years. You won't just satisfy your recipient with your gift of diamond pendants or earrings -- you will satisfy their descendants.

5. Diamonds can be factory made.

Some people are uncertain about buying diamonds because they do not like the ethics of the industry. Thankfully, the advent of lab-made diamonds has made this less of an issue. These diamonds are made in laboratories, not mined in fields, so you can be assured they are obtained ethically.