Are You Buying Your Wife A Unique Gift For Her Birthday?

21 June 2019
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Is your wife having a birthday soon? If so, perhaps you are already planning what you will give her. Of course, you'll want to show her that you gave a lot of thought to the purchase of her gift. Are you wanting to select a very unique gift? If so, from selecting jewelry made of leather and pearls to making your own gift coupon book, here are some ideas that might help you to buy your wife a gift she'll truly love and appreciate.

Leather And Pearls - Have you seen jewelry created with both leather and pearls as part of the design? If so, you probably knew that you would eventually be buying that type of jewelry for your wife. The great part about leather and pearls jewelry is that each piece is very unique. In addition, the jewelry ranges in price, so you'll more than likely be able to find something that will match what's in your wallet easily.

Consider buying a choker necklace that has several strands of slim, leather strands and then pearls in strategic places of the strands, or select a slim, leather bracelet that has only one beautiful pearl. In fact, selecting several of that type of design might be a good choice. If you do that, consider buying both black and brown types of leather, just to add interest to the combination. 

A Gift Coupon Book - When you were a little boy, did you make coupon books to give your mother on Mother's Day or on her birthday? She probably loved those and collected everything you promised her in the coupon book. Consider giving your wife the same type of book, obviously selecting things she'll love to receive.

For example, the coupon book could include things like the promise of a fabulous foot massage. Or, you might include the guarantee that you'll watch one of her favorite chick flicks with her and that you'll even provide the snacks for the movie. Promise her that you'll clean the kitchen for her for an entire week and that you'll wash her car. You can even add funny and sentimental things to your coupon book. 

For example, one of the coupons could be a love poem you have written yourself. Even if you're not a gifted writer, she'll love every word you include in your poem. End the book with a caricature of you two kissing, just to add a bit of humor to it. 

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