Anniversary Time: 3 Pieces Of Jewelry To Consider Gifting Your Wife

1 August 2019
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Whether you are celebrating your first or your 31st wedding anniversary with your wife, you should make her feel special. Even though you may not spend a lot of money on other holidays or events throughout the year, your wedding anniversary should be an exception. To help her feel special and loved, this article will list three different types of jewelry options for you to consider gifting her. Are you ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

A Wedding Band

One popular trend in jewelry right now is stackable wedding bands If your wife already has her engagement ring and a wedding band, consider getting her another band or an anniversary band to stack with it. Depending on your budget, you can choose an anniversary band that's just a simple gold one or you can get something that has tiny little diamonds across it. 

A Diamond Necklace

Another thing that you can gift your wife is something like a diamond necklace. Depending on your wife's personal fashion style, you may want to choose something as delicate as a small pendant on a metal chain, or you may want to get her something like a giant diamond necklace. When your wife goes out in public wearing her new necklace, you will see just how excited she is to have jewelry to show off. Plus, you will know that she has something to wear for special occasions. 

A Watch

You may think that watches are only for men, but they are also really popular amongst women as well. One style is to layer bangles with their watches to create a unique and custom look. When you are shopping for a watch for your wife, keep her wrist size in mind because you don't want the watch to be too small or too overpowering. If you aren't sure how big her wrist is and how to find one that will match it, you should take pictures and subtle measurements of your wrist and take it in with you to the jewelry store. 

Nothing will make your wife quite as happy as knowing just how much you love her; especially on your anniversary. Make sure that you let your wife know how much you love her and gift her a fine piece of jewelry. Work with a jeweler like A. Jaffe Jewelry to learn more about the options available to you.