Are You Asking Your Sweetheart To Be Your Wife?

27 November 2019
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Have you chosen a day during the upcoming holidays to propose marriage to your sweetheart? If so, you are probably pondering which engagement ring to select for them. From going to an engagement rings store to designing a custom ring, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Go To An Engagement Rings Store - Think of going to the engagement ring store both with your sweetheart and then again by yourself. When you go with your significant other, tell them it would just be fun to browse, pretending that you are actually interested in selecting a ring at that time. 

The salesperson at the engagement ring store will probably be very used to this type of scenario. In fact, even your fiancé might have caught on that this is a trip just to find out what kind of a ring they would love to receive. No matter, the point is for you to get some good hints that will help you to select a ring later on.

When you return to the store by yourself, the person who helped you when you went with your sweetheart will more than likely remember you. In addition, he or she might even recall the rings your sweetie loved best. Obviously cost will help to determine which ring you select.

Create Your Own Design - It might be that you will create your own engagement ring design by using the rings your fiancé liked best as the base for your design. For example, maybe your sweetheart loved the intricate lace design on the sides of one of the rings, but they weren't crazy about the shape of the stone. On the other hand, they might have loved the unique shape of a diamond on another ring. 

If that's the case, create an engagement ring with the intricate lace design and the addition of the unique diamond shape your sweetheart loved on the other ring. Or, choose an entirely different design that you know they will love. For instance, maybe your fiancé likes pearls more than they like diamonds. if so, design a pearl engagement ring. Another idea is to incorporate your sweetheart's birthstone and your birthstone in the design. For example, if their birthday is in May, you would select an emerald as part of the design. If your birthday is in September, a sapphire would be used.

The salesperson will help you to select stones or a pearl of excellent quality. In addition, the engagement ring will be placed in a beautiful presentation box that will probably also become one of your fiancé's favorite possessions.