5 Ways To Protect Your Wedding Rings While Traveling

25 February 2020
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Are you planning to travel? While you have many things to do and decisions to make before jetting off to distant parts, be sure you take the time to make good choices about traveling with your expensive wedding rings. There is no one single right or wrong answer as to what to do with your rings. But here are a few ways to protect them while having fun. 

1. Opt for a Simple Set

If you are concerned about your big diamond ring or flashy gold bands being a target for thieves or getting lost, why not replace them with a less expensive set? With an inexpensive backup set, you can leave your main rings at home and not worry at all. This is a great solution for frequent travelers, particularly those who spend a lot of time in the water on vacation. 

2. Wear the Band Only

Don't have the funds to buy a whole different wedding set just for travel? You could simply wear the wedding band without your engagement ring. A more basic band style generally advertises that you're off the market but won't attract nearly the same amount of attention. 

3. Have the Ring Inspected

If you do take any sentimental ring on a trip, have it inspected and possibly repaired at the store before leaving. An inspection can help find and fix potential trouble spots like loose settings, chips, or improperly sized bands. Since any of these could result in the ring's loss, it's better to resolve them now. 

4. Avoid Taking Off the Ring

Make the decision each morning whether or not you will wear your wedding rings on that particular day. When you take the time to plan out this step before leaving your room or house, you can better protect the rings by leaving them behind. Avoid taking off the rings once you leave the safety of your hotel, even if you normally do such things as remove them when you put on lotion. The less they are off your hand, the better.

5. Use the Hotel Safe

If you do leave your wedding rings behind in the morning, use the hotel safe for storage. Do not leave them in your room or rented house. Instead, bring along a protective bag or box, place inside whichever ring will be left behind, and put it in a safe for the day. Don't have a safe? Make a backup plan for locking up your ring container. 

No matter whether you plan to use a secondary wedding ring set or just actively protect your primary set on vacation, you'll enjoy yourself more knowing that this precious symbol of your love is safe and secure.