3 Unique Ways To Customize Diamonds

29 August 2020
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One of a kind engagement rings offers a unique way to showcase your love and commitment. If a diamond is your gem of choice for an engagement ring, you can customize the ring to provide a unique experience for your future partner.

Learn about three unique ways to customize and choose diamonds for your engagement ring.

1. Raw Diamonds

When you purchase a diamond, the stone has been refined, polished, and cut into specific shapes. If you want a ring that represents the natural state of a diamond, consider the purchase of a raw diamond. The uncut gem is shaped the way it was taken from a diamond mine. The shape is truly one of a kind.

A raw diamond is an ideal option for anyone who wants a more Eco-friendly wedding. Not only does the stone have a natural look but the lack of refining will cut down the final costs of the diamond. The diamond will not have as much clarity as a processed stone, but still reflects light and stands out as the center of an engagement ring.

2. Diamond Mapping

Another way to create a unique diamond experience is with diamond mapping. As you shop for diamonds, look for stones that include a GIA Diamond Origin Report. The detailed reports include all of the diamond information, including the country of origin. 

Knowing the history of the stone makes the jewelry piece more special for owners. For example, you could print a map of the diamond location to showcase exactly where it came from. The deeper meaning of the stone adds some tradition and depth to the stone you purchase as opposed to buying just a standard diamond.

3. Laser Engraved Diamonds

While it's fairly common to have wedding bands engraved and customized, you can take things one step further with diamond engraving. Lasers are used to engrave small messages on diamonds. The laser engraving process adds small details to the surface of the diamond without impacting the color, clarity, or quality of the stone.

You can engrave your engagement date, a special message, or something meaningful for you and your partner. The graving is so small and private that the message cannot be seen by the naked eye. A magnifying glass is often needed to see the small details.

Adding the message to the diamond can create a surprise you reveal later on. For example, you could reveal the engraved message on the day of the wedding or on a one year anniversary. The engraving also adds an extra security measure in case the ring ever gets stolen or lost.

As you choose the custom diamond you will create memorable options for your partner to enjoy and cherish for years to come.