Order A Custom Piece Of Jewelry With A Loved One's Gemstone

1 July 2021
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When a loved one passes away, you may receive some of their jewelry as part of the division of the estate. While there might be some pieces that you enjoy wearing, there's also a good chance that some of the pieces may not fit with your personal style — which means that they might primarily sit in your jewelry box. One idea to explore is designing a piece of custom jewelry that features a gemstone from one of your inherited pieces. For example, you might take a diamond from a ring and design a new ring that includes this diamond. A local custom jeweler can help you with this project, which offers these advantages.

You'll Wear The Piece

You might feel bad about inheriting jewelry from a deceased loved one but not wearing it. The reality is that if you don't like how these older pieces look, you probably won't want to wear them — even if there's a part of you that wishes to do so for sentimental reasons. When you get a new custom piece of jewelry that features the gemstone from an older piece, you'll be excited to wear it. Each time that you look down at the piece and see the gemstone, you'll be able to think about the deceased person, and you may even feel closer to them.

The Gemstone Will Be Safer

Old jewelry can often be in a state of disrepair. A common issue is that the claws that hold gemstones can come loose over time, which can result in the gemstone falling out. There's a chance that some of the pieces you inherit could be in this condition. It would be upsetting for you to wear a loved one's ring, only for the stone to fall out and get lost. When a custom jeweler removes the stone and makes it the focal point of a new piece of jewelry for you, the stone will stay in place because it has new claws around it. This will give you a high degree of confidence that the gemstone will be safe.

You'll Have Less Clutter

Designing new custom jewelry that includes gemstones from other older pieces can help you to reduce clutter. For example, if you receive a number of pieces of jewelry that you won't wear but that will take up space in your jewelry box, you might choose to order a custom piece to reduce the overall amount of jewelry that you own. You could design one ring that features the gemstones from three rings, for example. Contact a jewelry shop that offers custom pieces to learn more.