What Exactly Is An Engagement Ring?

28 October 2021
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You can buy and wear a classic diamond solitaire at any time, as long as you can afford it, so why is that ring just a ring, but another diamond solitaire an "engagement ring"? In other words, what qualifies as an engagement ring given you can buy any ring at any time, even when you're not getting engaged? The answer is, thankfully, that an engagement ring is whatever you want it to be, and a lot of society's images of what would be an engagement ring are due solely to a really effective marketing campaign.

Many Guidelines Are Just Marketing

If you think engagement rings have to have diamonds, have to cost a certain amount, have to have a gold or silver band, and so on, you've been following decades-old marketing. There really is no need for an engagement ring to have a diamond unless you want it to. And a good engagement ring can be very affordable if you need it to be so.

Definitions Change, So You Do Your Thing

The popular definition and image of an engagement ring have obviously changed in the past, such as going from a plain band to diamond rings. That means it can change again, and many people have chosen different stones, different metals, and vastly different styles. The point is, if you and your partner deem a ring to be an engagement ring, then it's an engagement ring.

Did You Know It Doesn't Have to Be Worn on Your Hand?

Even better, now people are becoming more accepting of engagement rings that aren't actually worn on the hand. Everything from ring tattoos (yes, those are on the hand, but they aren't really "worn") to rings on necklaces have been successfully tried. You will likely get questions, so if you choose a non-traditional form of engagement ring, you'll want to have an answer ready and be confident in that answer.

But What if You Really Want a Diamond Engagement Ring?

An expanding and changing definition of what qualifies as an engagement ring doesn't mean that the classic diamond ring is no longer in style. As long as the price of the ring doesn't place you under financial stress, you get to choose the style. Look for single-stone solitaires, waves of tiny pave diamonds covering the band, a single row of stones in an eternity ring, and more. And don't forget custom rings designed just for you! If you're getting engaged now and want to find a ring, you're luckily living in a time when you have choices galore.

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