4 Star Wars Quotes Ideal For Wedding Band Engravings

9 February 2022
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A male wedding band often doesn't have a lot of room for flashy jewels or designs, but you can make the band unique and custom with engravings. If you or your partner are big fans of the "Star Wars" universe, then consider the use of quotes from the movies to have engraved in the band.

The whole franchise has had many memorable quotes, including a lot of focus on relationships and love. Check out some of the best quotes that will showcase the love and commitment between a couple.

1. "I Know" 

One of the biggest romances in the Star Wars universe is the relationship between Leia and Han Solo. The two butted heads, but could not deny their love for each other, even despite Solo's arrogance. When Leia first tells Solo she loves him, he didn't respond with words of affection back at her, but simply with, "I Know".

The quote would go on to define their relationship and have a much deeper meaning for the fan base. The quote is simple enough for wedding bands and represents the iconic couple in many ways. It's a fun little line to engrave and can help represent your dedication as a couple.

2. "All I Want Is Your Love"

In the prequel trilogy, one of the biggest love stories is between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Politics and influences from others clearly get in the way of their relationship, but Padme expresses her simple wishes when she tells Anakin, "All I want is your love". The quote is strong on its own and reflects the deep feelings the couple had for each other. 

3. "You Are So Beautiful"

For Anakin Skywalker, one of the most famous quotes about his relationship with Padme is the quote, "You are so beautiful". The quote is a great way to express your attraction to your partner and could have a deeper meaning as it represents love both inner and outer beauty.

4. "Do or Do Not...There Is No Try"

In the original Star Wars trilogy, Yoda gives Luke Skywalker a lot of advice. One of the main pieces of advice he gives is "Do or do not, there is no try". The quote wasn't intended for weddings directly but reflects the cornerstone of a wedding day when both parts of a couple say "I Do" at the altar. The quote can represent vows and add a nice line to the ring.

Watch the movies and search for more quotes online to expand your ideas and to give yourself plenty of options for when you design your wedding band.