Are You Asking Your Sweetheart To Be Your Wife?

27 November 2019
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Have you chosen a day during the upcoming holidays to propose marriage to your sweetheart? If so, you are probably pondering which engagement ring to select for them. From going to an engagement rings store to designing a custom ring, here are some ideas that might help you.  Go To An Engagement Rings Store - Think of going to the engagement ring store both with your sweetheart and then again by yourself. Read More 

Are You Wanting To Invest Your Money In Tangible Things?

29 September 2019
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Have you been disillusioned by investments you've made in the stock market? Maybe you aren't happy with the amount of interest your money is accumulating in your savings account. Do you have a plan of action to invest in a different way? If that's the case, maybe you have already begun your new investment activities. On the other hand, maybe you are still looking for ideas.  From buying loose diamonds to investing in gold and art, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More 

Anniversary Time: 3 Pieces Of Jewelry To Consider Gifting Your Wife

1 August 2019
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Whether you are celebrating your first or your 31st wedding anniversary with your wife, you should make her feel special. Even though you may not spend a lot of money on other holidays or events throughout the year, your wedding anniversary should be an exception. To help her feel special and loved, this article will list three different types of jewelry options for you to consider gifting her. Are you ready to learn some more? Read More 

Are You Buying Your Wife A Unique Gift For Her Birthday?

21 June 2019
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Is your wife having a birthday soon? If so, perhaps you are already planning what you will give her. Of course, you'll want to show her that you gave a lot of thought to the purchase of her gift. Are you wanting to select a very unique gift? If so, from selecting jewelry made of leather and pearls to making your own gift coupon book, here are some ideas that might help you to buy your wife a gift she'll truly love and appreciate. Read More 

Hoops Earrings Are Back! Adorn Your Ears in Style

19 April 2019
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You've seen them in movies from the 50s, and again in classic 1970s films. Then, they seemed to go out of style for a while. Yes, the trend being spoken of here is hoop earrings. If you look at style magazines and watch some fashion shows today, you'll notice that they're backā€”and better than ever. Here's a look at the hoop earrings that are popular today and how you can style them. Read More