Diamond Ring Gift Ideas

16 May 2022
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Diamond rings make thoughtful gifts for any special female in your life, from your spouse to your best friend. No matter what the woman's personal style is, such as traditional or eclectic, there is a perfect diamond ring for her.  When choosing the ring, there are a few other factors to consider besides the cut. color and clarity of the diamonds. Find out what type of metal, such as white, rose or yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver, the recipient prefers and wears most often so that the ring will coordinate with her other jewelry pieces. Read More 

4 Star Wars Quotes Ideal For Wedding Band Engravings

9 February 2022
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A male wedding band often doesn't have a lot of room for flashy jewels or designs, but you can make the band unique and custom with engravings. If you or your partner are big fans of the "Star Wars" universe, then consider the use of quotes from the movies to have engraved in the band. The whole franchise has had many memorable quotes, including a lot of focus on relationships and love. Read More