Hoops Earrings Are Back! Adorn Your Ears in Style

19 April 2019
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You've seen them in movies from the 50s, and again in classic 1970s films. Then, they seemed to go out of style for a while. Yes, the trend being spoken of here is hoop earrings. If you look at style magazines and watch some fashion shows today, you'll notice that they're backā€”and better than ever. Here's a look at the hoop earrings that are popular today and how you can style them. Read More 

5 Reasons Diamonds Are Still Beautiful, Relevant Gifts

4 March 2019
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Unlike years ago when almost every woman wore a diamond as her engagement ring, people are now branching out. You'll see engagement rings made with rubies, aquamarines, and even sapphires. However, this does not mean that diamonds are irrelevant -- quite the opposite is true! Whether set in an engagement ring or given for some other occasion like an anniversary or birthday, here are five reasons why diamonds still make an excellent gift: Read More